True Life Story: Wild Oats

He had heard love speak several times but not like that 

No the way she made him feel 

Daydreaming while driving was the height of it 

She made him lose his head 

She made him lose his self-consciousness 

She made him hum melodies and tunes 

He knew he didn’t really learn from anywhere

His response to her shocked him to the core 

He had always prided himself as a level headed, pragmatic and sensible

But sense had nothing to do with what he felt for her 

She was wild, like a boar, like a wild boar

She was the type of girl many mothers would pray their son would never meet in life

She was as beautiful as a peacock and as deadly as a snake 

He met her in church

She was not a regular…

Their church had a weekly interdenominational prayer meeting that was held every Thursday morning 

He attended that day because his mother insisted and he sat right beside her

It was like sitting beside a time bomb 

He couldn’t explain it 

The moment he noticed her, he got excited all over 

It was a strange reaction 

All he felt like doing was grabbing her by the hand and going somewhere to be with her 

It was wild and absolutely out of character for him

She knew she had that reaction on him 

She kept looking at him that way and giggling at a point, he couldn’t keep quiet anymore 

He turned around and asked for her name 

She smiled and told him 

Then he asked for her phone number 

She smiled and gave it to him 

When the service was over, she stood up to leave 

He quickly stood up and blocked her way 

He said “I will like to get to know you” 

She smiled and said “I will send you my address, check me at home by two” 

He quickly dialed the phone number he gave her 

Just to be sure It rang 

She smiled 

He removed himself from her path 

She sashayed out of the pew line provocatively 

His heart was racing 

All he could think about was sex 

He was twenty-nine years old 

He had been in a relationship for seven years 

A steady relationship that he was hoping would lead to a marriage 

He had been a born again Christian since he clocked 16 

He had walked the straight and narrow until his final year in the university when he succumbed to pressure and lost his  virginity 

He was twenty-two years old then 

He and his girlfriend did a lot of kissing and cuddling around that time due to the uncertainty they were starring at as they were graduating 

Neither of them knew what life had in stock for them and they wanted to secure whatever they could of their feelings for each other 

Somehow hand-holding, led to kisses and kisses led to touching each other in sensitive places 

They could have stopped but they were both lost in the tidal wave of that season 

They kept pushing the limit until their resolve wore out and they started having sex 

Somehow their relationship survived the storm that usually broke many relationships after graduation and NYSC

They made it

He had met his babe’s parents unofficially and his babe had met his parents too 

His babe got a job at a leading mattress manufacturing company as soon as she finished her NYSC 

He went for his masters and got employed in a bank afterward 

They were both ready to get married as soon as five years after graduation 

When they mentioned their intention to their parents, they were told to wait a few more years and save some more 

His father especially was of the opinion that young men and women must sow their wild oats before settling down so that they wouldn’t be unsettled in their marriages 

It was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard His father (A nominal Christian) has a Ph.D in philosophy and was a natural weird thinker 

His mother was of the opinion that if both parties are happy and comfortable with it, they should get married

His father had negotiated that he had to wait until he was thirty 

His father said, if he had not sown his wild oats at 30, it is likely he wouldn’t sow them or perhaps he would sow them later and give everybody a headache due to the crisis that such would cause in his marriage

He had counted his father’s counsel as foolishness, until that day 

His wild oats were running riot all over his body 

He knew he would still do what he was planning to do even if he was married 

His body was as tense as a snooker stick 

He must put that black ball into the middle pocket

He went to see her at 2 pm 

She was living in the estate 

About ten minutes away from his parents’ house 

Most of the buildings in the estate were mansions 

Most of the mansions had staff quarters at the back for the domestic staff and sometimes for rent 

She was living in one of those 

She had a roommate who excused them a few minutes after she let him into their room 

The room was feminine 

There was a mattress, two plastic chairs, and a plastic table 

There was a mirror on the wall and a dressing table 

She was dressed in a short skirt that got his eyes all glued and his snooker stick straight 

She made an attempt to delay the inevitable 

She gave him her picture album and tried some small talk 

Eventually, she walked by him and he grabbed her by the waist 

There was no resistance 

They danced until the dam broke and the water gushed

When he got home that day he felt both guilty and excited 

His mother would have a fit if she knew what he had been up to 

His father would most likely tell his mother it was inevitable 

The puzzling thing was the fact that he didn’t want to marry or have anything beyond the moment with the lady 

He would never marry her even if he was offered a million dollars to do so 

It was only physical 

It was just sex 

He didn’t even care if she was sleeping with someone else 

There was nothing emotional about it 

It was simply something he had to get out of his system

He promised himself it was over

He would never have anything to do with the wild girl again 

The girl didn’t ask him for anything 

Not even his name

He wasn’t even sure who was using who between the two of them 

The sex was unbelievable 

She knew so much and he was willing to learn

By 6 pm that same day he drove to her house

This time her roommate was in the room with her own guy 

He met her on her street, speaking with an elderly man 

When she saw him she smiled and walked over to his car 

She told him she was marketing a real estate product to the elderly man

He found out she was a marketer for a real estate company and she survived off the commission paid in by customers 

He took her to a hotel 

She told him she was not in the mood 

He begged her

She asked him to promise it would be the last time 

He promised

They got a room 

He returned her home by 11 pm 

It was the first time he had ever stayed outside his parent’s house till that time without calling in to explain what was going on 

His parents were worried stiff by the time he got home 

He told them he took a lady out to dinner 

His mother told him she had called his fiance when they couldn’t reach him because his phone was switched off 

He switched his phone off because he didn’t want to be disturbed when he was with her 

His father asked him who the lady was 

He started stammering… 

His father began to laugh like a jackal 

He felt undone

He knew his fiance would come to the house the next morning

He spent the better half of the night cooking up a story to tell her

When it was morning he went for a jog within the estate

He returned home by 9 am 

He showered, dressed up and drove to the wild lady’s house

He knew he had promised her that it was over but something in his heart still longed for her

He parked his car close to the gate of her house and waited

Then his phone rang

It was his fiance

He couldn’t explain why he was angry

He just didn’t like the fact that she called

After about ten minutes of ignoring her call

He went back home

He saw her standing by the gate of his parent’s house

She was in tears

He parked his car and walked up to her She said “I know you met another girl and your head is in the cloud right now. I just want you to remember that you will meet several ladies in your lifetime and some of them will cause your blood to boil.

I will meet many men too, whom I will fancy or find more alluring than you

Feelings are fleeting but Love is a choice.

“I love you”

She hugged him and left

He went to his room for some time

He tried to call the wild girl twice but her number was either engaged or switched off and she didn’t return his call

The next day, he drove to his fiance’s house 

He took her to dinner

Three weeks later, they initiated their wedding plan

Two months later, they had their introduction and engagement ceremony

Six months later, they got married!

PS: Event happened in Magodo Estate Lagos, 2016

8th July, 2020 is their fourth Wedding Anniversary

He shared the story with @gbengawemimo overnight

He said he still wondered what happened to him and why he fell so childishly for the wild girl

He was grateful that he was able to escape from the experience without ruining his life or his relationship with his beautiful

The marriage is blessed with two children

GSW’s notes: There are words or ideas that come alive when we allow them in our reality

A believer does not have wild oats to sow

All his or her fruits are miraculous and meant for supernatural exploits

If you have an idea that you have to sleep around with a lot of guys or ladies before settling down so that you don’t cheat on your spouse, you are being taught and influenced by the devil who was a liar from the beginning!

The day you became a believer, everything about you became divine and godly

You are far above every idea or Philosophy, or ill that befalls the sons of men.

WRITTEN BY: Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo

SOURCE: Click Here

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