True Life Story: Taming The Warlock

Growing up in that particular village and family exposed them to diabolical realities quite early 

Their father was a herbalist, not one of those fake ones who perform tricks and play Russian roulette with people’s lives 

He was the real deal 

The type that inherited powers and yet travel often to many villages and towns to learn from other herbalists and sorcerers  and collect their books and/or knowledge quickening charms in order to grow in the business. 

For their father, knowledge was power and power was money 

Their father was determined to pay any price to gain knowledge so that he could prosper 

There was a rumour that their father’s first child who has a condition that made her unable to sit by herself, talk or function as a human being was not born that way, according to their father’s first wife, their father was a bricklayer as at when she married him and they were very poor 

One day, their father told her he was traveling to Ekiti to see some people who could show him the way out of poverty 

According to the woman, the day their father returned from Ekiti, their child developed a strange ailment and within a week became twisted inside out 

The woman was so sure their father had used their daughter for some form of ritual that she moved out of the house and divorced their father immediately 

Their father does not talk about the episode at all 

He does not allow the woman to do anything with the family even though she had one other child for him who was supposed to be his firstborn son 

They were all forbidden to have anything to do with the woman and her son 

Although the woman had remarried and had other children for another man, she didn’t keep away from their father and family for reasons best known to her 

She would come for family functions involving their extended families and play her duty as part of the household wives 

They later realized that she was doing this because their father had become wealthy and she wanted to secure her children’s inheritance from their father 

Their father was known among the initiates and his customers as Ekun (The Tiger), this was due to his spiritual exploits which were obvious for all to see 

Their father considered his work as legitimate and something to be proud of right from childhood, all the children and his father’s wives were exposed to their father’s works 

Their father as their teacher and coach 

They were his production line 

He taught them how to differentiate one leaf or plant from the other, one animal or insect from the other and how to prepare all the materials for “medicine”, concoction, sacrifice and protection 

As they grew older, their father systematically exposed them to more 

When he was nine years old, he was exposed to his first serious bout of seeing beyond the physical realm. 

He had overheard somewhere that the rheum in the eye of a dog could make one see beyond the physical realm 

It was a case of curiosity and trying to be like his father 

His father’s mouth was never silent 

He was always chanting something or saying something under his breath 

They all believe it was an extra mundane communication of sorts between his father and some extra-terrestrial powers 

He knew his father was always seeing things 

He had heard things moving of their own accord in his father’s power room before and felt a sudden chill in the house sometimes for no reason 

He got some rheum off his dog’s eyes and put it on his eyes in the evening, he had nightmares all night 

When he woke up in the morning, the nightmares didn’t go away 

He kept seeing things everywhere 

Strange things… Like walking flowers and flying snails 

It was horrible

He had almost run mad before he confessed what he did 

His father washed his eyes with some secret water and chanted some incantations upon him He slept off and when he woke up things were restored to normal 

His father wasn’t mad with him 

In fact, the next day, his father took him into the power room, sat him down and asked him to describe the things he saw 

His father said “The demons work in mysterious ways and can sometimes show to children what adults have been praying and working hard to see for years” 

The rheum thing didn’t work for the other children they all saw how his father treated him like some royalty and tried it to get some attention too 

It didn’t work It made some of them accuse him of lying 

His father told him they were just being envious 

His father said he had tried it too and didn’t see anything but he knows the demons favour some people more than others 

He was the only one allowed to enter his father’s power room to sweep, clean and prepare the place before his father begins his daily consultations from that day 

He was the warlock, the one the demons favoured far above the rest!

His father’s clients came from all over 

The lazy poor aiming to get rich quick 

The hardworking poor praying for favor 

The average hoping to breakout of obscurity 

Parents with troubled children 

The afflicted, the ambitious, politicians, policemen and soldiers seeking protection from untimely death in the line of duty 

Women looking for children, husbands, jobs, enchanted substance to hypnotize and fleece men of their hard-earned money and so on 

They came from all walks of life 

His father told him specialization was a limitation 

The crowd was a testament to the potency of his depth as a sorcerer 

He started learning the chants and incantations 

When he turned 15 he was awakened one night (This wasn’t strange as his father usually did one concoction or the other for the family as prescribed during his consultations) but it was different

Curiously, the only other person awakened to partake of the ritual was his 12 years old sister 

The first daughter of his father’s third wife 

The woman was known to be a witch and given that she had not done any extra-mundane feat like him, he wondered why she was chosen until their father began to say some incantations on the eggs they were being fed 

They were told to swallow the eggs whole (It must not touch their teeth) 

They both did When they were done, his father told the two of them that they had been chosen to work as partners as they learn the work from him 

Their father made them swear never to deny each other anything or allow anything come in-between them 

They swore an oath to it 

From that day, their father started giving them tasks to accomplish 

Training them to see the beyond and open portals for divination and medium activities 

Their father told them he paid a lot of money and trades a lot of influence daily with other spiritual power brokers because he started alone without any support 

It was one of the reasons he married a witch, so that his negotiations with other power brokers can be easier 

His step-sister was supposed to be his leverage

He was supposed to be the heir apparent to the throne of his father 

Everything was going smoothly 

He was respected, even feared by many 

Until his sister met the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt on a trip to Lagos in May 2018

Their father had told the two of them that the deities would always demand something for something from them

They couldn’t get anything free

They both had also experienced this When his sister turned seventeen she started having a strange dream

In the dream, she saw herself and her brother having sex in a pool of blood

She had the dream several times

She asked her mother what it meant

Her mother said it might be the deities preparing her for what was to come

She and her brother might have to have sex to be empowered fully for their journey in the occult

The thought didn’t sit well with her but she never told anybody her misgivings on the issue

She was just hoping it wouldn’t come to that even though she was convinced it would most likely be required

That year she gained admission to one of the polytechnics and went to shop for clothes, beddings and other things that she would take to school

One of their cousins living in Arepo offered to go shopping with her

They went shopping on a Friday morning

Their house was located three buildings away from a church in Arepo

The church was holding a vigil

That night, his sister could not sleep

She said something was just stirring in her spirit and she was very restless

So she got out of bed and dressed up

The next thing she remembered was walking into the church

The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt was ministering

That was all!

Her sister gave her life to Christ and was delivered from witchcraft

It felt like being robbed in the dream and waking up to find the said property had disappeared

When his sister returned home, everything had changed

She was singing and jumping everywhere like a bozo

It was as if she had been infected with a strange atmosphere

Everything she touched got contaminated

Their father was almost 70 years old at the time and afflicted with stroke

It was finally time for him to take the reins and his wing-woman was clipped by one pastor

His father had always told him witchcraft was unreliable because it was not built on knowledge but on sheer wickedness

It is a realm that one can be invited into or taken out of by a superior power’s whim

A sorcerer is no witch

He is a harnesser of power from several sources through knowledge and its applications

He had seen Christians before, several Christians

Many of them, even pastors, consulted his father but he had never seen anybody who could do what was done to his sister

Take away her powers and leave her sane and bubbling about as if she had no care in the world?

He felt he needed to meet the pastor, know what he was really about

Find out how deep he was spiritually

Everything his father had was fast turning to dust 

The stroke killed his father’s business

The conversion of his sister truncated his father’s handover plans

He called his cousin in Arepo and made some inquiries

He got the phone number of the brother in Jeans and T-shirt

He called and got an appointment

He prepared deliberately

He did many protective charms and incantations

He also took along deadly rings and charmed belts

They met on a Wednesday at the office of the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt in Magodo, Lagos

As soon as he got into the Teen’s church where they met The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt walked up to him and hugged him like an old friend

He said “The Holy Spirit told me you need a hug badly”

He couldn’t explain it

He started to cry like a baby

The incantations faded, his malicious intention faded, he just cried

Afterward, he fell on his knees and asked the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt to pray for him

He became a born again Christian and was filled with the Holy Spirit

Perhaps he lost his courage or was overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit

He couldn’t say

He didn’t mention what happened to the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt until a week later via Whatsapp chat

He was shocked that neither of them was affected by the charms on him especially because they hugged for a while before praying

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt told him idols are nothing in the Kingdom of God’s own son, Jesus Christ and the same goes for charms, incantations, spells and so on

The Bible says “Nothing shall by any means hurt you”

PS: I was told there was a cake maker who follows my stories and believes she can use diabolical powers to see the 

I saw this discussion yesterday on a Whatsapp page and it made me laugh

There is a booby trap in this story for her

I said it over the piece as i wrote it

She will lose that ability from today and so will any other who deliberately court demonic pathways as an access into the extra-mundane

Nothing of such works for you again

It shall remain forever as i have decreed

Jesus loves you and wants to empower you

Come to Him today

GSW’s notes: Christians should only discuss one power

That is the power of the Holy Spirit

Acknowledging even faintly the claims of another to “power” is buying the person’s lies

The brother and sister whose story

I wrote are part of the PSSBC family and are growing daily in the Lord

These were vessels deliberately prepared for darkness and yet hijacked by the Holy Spirit without as much as a whimper from hell!

Don’t be quick to believe people’s claims to any power or repeat it even in casual talks

There is no other power in heaven and on earth and underneath the earth apart from the Name of JESUS!

Taming The Warlock was written by Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo

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