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True Life Story: Sling Shot

The husband was the one who brought the case 

He said he was suspecting his wife of cheating on him with a pastor

He said it wasn’t the first time 

He said his wife had cheated on him several times even before they got married but he always forgave her 

He said the trend continued even after they had gotten married 

The husband said he had made up his mind to divorce the wife 

Enough was enough 

But his wife was six months pregnant and he was sure the child was his 

So he approached his wife’s father and told him what was going on 

He said his wife’s father and the pastor were from the same village and his wife’s father called him the following day saying 
“If you divorce her, you forfeit your baby” 

They had been trying to have a child for five years and they had spent a lot of money trying out many procedures to 
have a baby 

He said he couldn’t forfeit his child 

His wife’s father told him the pastor said he would fly his wife abroad and adopt the baby as his own should he proceed with his divorce threat 

At this point, he began to sob 

I waited for a little while, unsure if stopping him from crying or leaving him to cry would be the best for him 

Dealing with a cheating spouse is a tough ordeal 

Dealing with a cheating spouse whose cheating partner was a powerful and influential man or woman was a nightmare 

You could lose more than your wife and child 

You could find yourself in big trouble 

You could lose your life!

Uriah didn’t know that the same hole he entered joyfully and legally as a husband would end up being the trap door that would lead to his death 

When a powerful man is interested in your wife, your right and voice could be trampled and stifled at will 

And if God does not fight for you 

You may never get justice 

I waited for about ten minutes 

He gathered himself 

He was a strong man 

He apologized for breaking down 

So I asked him how he met his wife and why he willingly married a cheat 

He nodded and shook his head at the same time 

It had been a tough day for him 

He said he was serving as an apprentice at a very popular market in the East when he met his wife 

He said his wife was a secondary school student at the time 

He asked her out around the Christmas season 

She agreed to date him after the new year 

He said from that point he took over her academic training 

He said such practice is common in the part of the country where they both hail from 

He said she was in 200 Level in the University when she cheated on him for the first time 

He went to check up on her school one weekend and discovered that she was not living in the female hostel he paid for 

When he got there, they told him she had moved out 

Eventually, someone told him she was living with a guy off campus 

He stayed in a hotel that night 

The next morning, just as he was about to set out for the address he was given, she arrived at the hotel 

She told him some of her friends told her he lodged in the hotel 

He asked her why she moved out of the female hostel 

She said she couldn’t get a bed space by the time he sent her money for rent 

She said she rented a room off campus 

He said she should take him to her room 

She said she had roommates and none of them brought their boyfriends to the room as a policy 

He said for every argument he pushed to know where she was staying, she had a counter-argument 

Eventually, he gave up on the issue 

He took her to his room in the hotel and gave her the things he bought for her 

Later that evening, she left 

He told her he would leave first thing in the morning 

He waited until it was 9pm 

He left the hotel and traced the address he was given He got there around 10 pm 

He met them, his babe and her campus lover, making love

His babe had simply pocketed the money he sent her to rent a room and moved in with her campus boyfriend 

He was the one trespassing as it were 

He said he knocked on the door and ensured his babe and her lover were aware that he knew what was going on 

After that he walked away

To him, three years of investment had gone down the drain 

When he got home he told his parents what he happened 

His mother told him to be matured about it 

He was 28 and she was 19 

“19-year-olds make mistakes all the time 

She will soon arrive here in tears, begging” said his mother

True to his mother’s words, she arrived at his house the following weekend 

She was in tears 

She said it was the devil 

She had no other sponsor 

She was saving the money he gave her so that she wouldn’t be asking him for money all the time 

She showed him her bank account’s balance

She had all the money saved 

She said she was not thinking clearly 

She begged him until he was embarrassed 

He forgave her and instructed her to get her own apartment and never to see the campus lover again 

She obeyed 

He went to see her often and nothing was out of place until she went for her NYSC 

He noticed that during the NYSC she played a lot of hide and seek game 

He saw messages and emails that indicated that she was sleeping with someone else 

He had convinced himself she was never coming to him when she suddenly showed up with her bags after the NYSC

He later discovered that the guy she was seeing also had a girlfriend at home and somehow the NYSC fling didn’t blossom into a real relationship 

He called her and had a heart to heart talk with her 

He told her he was willing to consider his investment in her as a gift to her and her family 

He didn’t want her to see him as someone to rebel against 

The pattern he had observed was not something he wanted to build his future around 

He said she begged him and promised him she was ready to settle down and be his wife 

He said he did everything to test her love and he found it to be very firm 

They went ahead and got married 

After the wedding, he discovered a lot of things 

He discovered she had treated Sexually transmitted infection before 

He also discovered she had gone through two abortions while she was in school 

He stood by her in all the challenges they faced 

When their marriage was two years, she cheated on him with one of her colleagues at work 

He found out through one of their neighbors who took pictures of his wife and the guy having sex on their matrimonial bed while he was out of town 

He sent her packing 

Her family members and his got involved in the matter 

The story became clumsy 

His wife claimed the picture was photoshopped because his neighbour wanted to sleep with her and she rejected his overtures 

It turned out there was some truth in his wife’s allegation against the neighbor

At the end of the day, he moved away from that house and they reconciled

He said she did it again when their marriage was four 

She went one business trip with one of her bosses and somehow ended up sleeping with that one during the trip 

It became messy as his wife’s boss’s wife found out and reported at the office 

His wife and her boss had to face a disciplinary panel 

They both lost their job and the affair became an open secret 

He said he had given up on the marriage by that time 

He moved into another room and vowed never to touch her again 

She pleaded with him to let her stay in the house until she got another job 

He agreed!

He said they were practically living together under the same room as strangers until one night in May 2018

He got home from work around 7pm and found her sleeping stark naked on the three-seater sofa in the sitting room

He said he hadn’t had sex in months and the sight of her nakedness stirred deep longings

He showered and went to his room but the sight had provoked him to the core

He went to her that night

They mended their ways afterward and decided to give their marriage another try

One month later, she was confirmed to be pregnant

They didn’t tell anybody about it

When she was five months pregnant and was already showing she went home to visit her parent

Her parent said their pastor came to their house earlier that month to pray and told them a sudden miracle will come into their home to visit them, when it comes, they should make sure they bring the miracle to him

That was how she followed her parents to their church to see the pastor

Two weeks later, she had started sleeping with the pastor 

He said he noticed that she suddenly started acting suspiciously as she did the previous times

He had come to know the signs and pretended he didn’t see anything until he traced her to the hotel where she was meeting the pastor one evening

He had come to realize being married to her was a lost cause but he didn’t want his baby growing up with her

Whether the child was male or female he didn’t feel the child ought to be brought up by someone like her

He wanted his baby

He also wanted justice

A pastor ought to be a blessing to his home, not a fox

He wanted God to fight for him

I listened to his story carefully

Two days later, i met him and his wife

Her story wasn’t any different

She was sorry for sleeping with the pastor

She said it felt as if she was hypnotized

We prayed together

I was careful not to ask for anything that could be constituted as curses or negative 

I have never walked contrary to the instruction of Jesus that a believer must bless always and not curse

About a week after i met with them

I was reading a book by Francine Rivers titled “Sons of Encouragement”

The author wrote about prophet Amos among her characters

She spoke about the sling and it’s importance in the tool kit of a shepherd especially in dealing with wolves, snakes, lions, bears and administering discipline among the sheep themselves

Suddenly the eye of my understanding was enlightened

I knew what to do

Two weeks later, the pastor climbed his last horse

The church member he was sleeping with at a hotel (A member of the choir) narrated the story in her statement to the police

They were having sex when the pastor suddenly stiffened and went limp

By the time they got help and rushed him to the hospital, he had lost the use of the left side of his body

He was 49 years old when it happened

He was married with three children

His church scattered after the incidence (This event happened around Satellite town – Amukoko area of Lagos)

The lady delivered a baby boy a few months later

Her husband decided to forgive her and give the marriage another go She is pregnant with her second 
baby at the moment

PS: Many believers think they can live irresponsibly under grace

This is very far from the truth

There is a provision for justice and discipline within the Messianic Community

I have seen it’s effectiveness as enforced by the Holy Spirit several times

Let us be careful not to abuse or frustrate the grace of God upon our lives 

GSW’s notes: I was recently told of a pastor who has a crowd of worshippers all around him calling
him papa.

I was also told this papa liked to sleep with other people’s wives!

I was told he was sleeping with a particular married woman who was pregnant.

The husband has told me a story that made my ears tingle.

Just so that we can prove the consistency of the Word of God.

I will say this: I have seen the green tree cut into two equal halves vertically,

The branches of one were broken to pieces and thrown into the fire

The other dried up on the spot with it’s branches and fruits still on it.

The head of the Church has decided your case sir, That which was abused has been reassigned!

I write this as a witness to this verdict today 10/07/2020

Written By: Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo

Source: Click Here

What do you think about the story? As a christian can you be patient like the man?

Lets have your views and comments in the comment section below.

christian story

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