True Life Story: Crisis

She had to redeploy for her NYSC

Her body couldn’t take the stress

Though she longed for the adventure

Pain has marked her limitations

Misery has taught her to cave in

Like when she wanted to learn to swim

Her parents said NO!

She jumped into the pool


Her body is such a Judas

She learnt to settle for less

Always her dreams are lofty

Always her reality is bleak

Why wouldn’t her body match its pace

Why should normal be impossible

Why should life be so unlivable

Always on borrowed time

Always in crisis

Always a leg in the grave

She asked her mother

What is wrong with me?

Her Father cried

The Doctor was calm

‘Your blood is sickle’

It is an inherited condition

Sick sickle

Sickly Sickle Cell

Keeps her tied to fatality’s whim

Guys especially are cowards

She says ‘Sickle Cell’

They hear ‘Mayday Mayday’

At 28 she met a guy

She: I am an ‘SS’

He: I know

She waited for him to run

He kissed her

She felt her blood gradually warming up

She felt her heart beating life

She felt the touch of a lover for the first time

It was heavenly, absolutely rhapsodic

And he came back

He would drag her into obscure places

Steal a kiss, a touch

Sometimes his eyes will roam suggestively

And strange waters will sing in her tropical places

Then he proposed!

Why did he do that?

She cried.

She was too scared to marry anybody

Why cant things be as they are?

He wanted to take her

She wanted him to take her

But he wanted to marry first?

She: Take me as I am, unfettered

He: No, I love you, i want to be your husband

She: No, I don’t love you. I am sick, I am a liability, just take me and walk away anytime you want

He: No

She: Please!

He didn’t

She stripped, tantalized him

He was resolute

He would not to used as a mere pleasure stick

She was adamant, why would she marry him and bring her problem into his life?

He would eventually hate her

He is talking of love because he has never seen her crisis

He pushed

She pushed back

He spoke with members of her family

She called it quits

He sent her a note

‘My love kept you from crisis for two years, my love kept you warm during those cold weathers you dreaded, my touch kept your bones quiet when they screamed. Find love and live’

He got married two years later

Her entire family attended his wedding

They knew he fought for her love

She was at the wedding too

That night, crisis came with a vengeance

She shivered and cried and groaned in agony

As he reveled in the touch of another woman

It was hell

Six years later she found love again

He proposed

She accepted

His family kicked, ‘SHE IS LIABLE TO DIE YOUNG!’

He was resolute

Her family asked her if she was sure

She had learnt her lesson

Love beats death any day

And the touch of a lover beats crisis

She held on and married him.

Crisis was written by Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo


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