Tribl 1 by Tribl and Maverick City

New Album Download: Tribl 1 By Tribl And Maverick City Music

US Based Gospel Record Label —Tribl Records, unveils its debut album, Tribl 1, recorded live in Atlanta, which features notable voices from Maverick City Music. The album Tribl 1, reflects an amalgamation of diverse backgrounds, sounds and stories coming together.

Listen, Share and Be Blessed!

Tribl 1 Full Tracklist

  1. Prepare the Way (feat. Chandler Moore & Siri Worku) – DOWNLOAD
  2. High Praise (feat. Ryan Ofei & Mariah Adigun) – DOWNLOAD
  3. Still Holy (feat. Ryan Ofei & Naomi Raine) – DOWNLOAD
  4. Better (feat. Brandon Lake & Tianna Horsey) – DOWNLOAD
  5. Rumors (feat. Mariah & Adigun & Aaron Moses) – DOWNLOAD
  6. I Love to Sing About It (feat. Cecily) – DOWNLOAD
  7. Come & Move (feat. Ryan Ofei & Mariah Adigun & Joe L. Barnes) – DOWNLOAD
  8. Grave Clothes (feat. Jessica Hitte & Montel Moore) – DOWNLOAD
  9. Promised Land (feat. Cecily) – DOWNLOAD
  10. Love Sick (feat. Chandler Moore & Siri Worku) – DOWNLOAD
Tribl 1 by Tribl and Maverick City

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