the gospel of the kingdom - dunsin oyekan

Full Album Download: The Gospel Of The Kingdom By Dunsin Oyekan

Popular Nigerian Worship Minister Dunsin Oyekan is out with a new single YAH off is just released Album titled “The Gospel Of The Kingdom”.  All the songs in this Album “The Gospel Of The Kingdom” is what you would love to add to your gospel music playlist right now in 2021.

According to Dunsin Oyekan on his official Instagram handle “We present to you the 16 sounds on the new album. We sing revelations not songs, these are the revelations from the Father for this time and season. “The Lord gave the Word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it:” Psalms 68:11 NKJV. “To Him who rides on the heaven of heavens, which were of old! Indeed, He sends out His voice, a mighty voice.” Psalms 68:33 NKJV.


  1. Worship Your Maker – DOWNLOAD
  2. More Than A Song – DOWNLOAD
  3. Forever – DOWNLOAD
  4. Yah – DOWNLOAD
  5. Fragrance To Fire – DOWNLOAD
  6. The Advantage – DOWNLOAD
  7. The Blood And The Name – DOWNLOAD
  8. Fellowship To Partnership – DOWNLOAD
  9. To Know You – DOWNLOAD
  10. At All Cost – DOWNLOAD
  11. I’ll Be Here – DOWNLOAD
  12. The Difference – DOWNLOAD
  13. You Remain The Same – DOWNLOAD
  14. Your Goodness – DOWNLOAD
  15. The Anthem – DOWNLOAD
  16. With Joy – DOWNLOAD
the gospel of the kingdom - dunsin oyekan

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