Mali Music the book of mali

Full Album Download: The Book Of Mali By Mali Music

Three-time GRAMMY nominated artist, composer, and producer Mali Music has released his new album, The Book of Mali. This is the first album release from the partnership between Mali’s imprint, K Approved Enterprises, and RCA Inspiration.

The Book of Mali is the fifth studio album from the avant-garde, genre-bending artist. Featuring tracks including, “Let Go” “Mo’Lo (Like You),” “Cry” and the latest single, “My Blessings (Love Me),” the album offers the eclectic mix of Gospel, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop and Rock melodies that Mali’s fans have come to love, while conveying his evolution both artistically and spiritually.

This collection is a beautifully woven tapestry of twelve soulful ballads that provide the listener with a look into Mali’s spiritual journey, while provoking them to take a deeper look into their own. Mali wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on The Book of Mali and prays that the music will move people. He says, “I spent a lot of time with the words and I believe all of the songs are going to invoke the response, ‘He is different, Mali is growing’. I am encouraging people to go through the album like a book. It has one title, one thesis, but several strands to the story. It’s like healing, in the form of a book.”

The Book Of Mali is available for free download. Download, Listen and Share with loved ones.

The Book Of Mali Tracklist:

  1. Book of Mali (Intro) – DOWNLOAD
  2. Blessed – DOWNLOAD
  3. Let Go – DOWNLOAD
  4. Cry – DOWNLOAD
  5. Mo’Lo (Like You) – DOWNLOAD
  6. My Blessings (Love Me) – DOWNLOAD
  7. Apologize – DOWNLOAD
  8. Yin and Yang – DOWNLOAD
  9. World Record – DOWNLOAD
  10. Soul Seeking – DOWNLOAD
  11. All Night – DOWNLOAD
  12. Lord’s Will – DOWNLOAD
  13. Lord Forgive Me – DOWNLOAD
  14. This Way (Say I Love You) – DOWNLOAD

Mali Music the book of mali

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