Isodotun - Sola Allyson

Full Album Download: Isodotun By Sola Allyson

Sola Allyson, Nigerian Gospel Music Minister is out with her 9th studio album titled “Isodotun”. It’s a 9 tracked spirit-filled album that would enrich your soul.

In her own words on her official Instagram handle, She said “Oh, ÌSODỌ̀TUN is released already!!! I am GRATEFUL! To The Almighty from Whom help reaches me! Help didn’t come from where it should have come but help came for me!! ?
Lát’ọjọ yí! Since all these days! GOD Has been Sending help to me in ideas and people, and I’m still doing this well, I AM GRATEFUL!!!

ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN will bless your spirit and soul! It would feed you, believe me! We were praying this morning and one of the children said, “when people hear Ìsọdọ̀tún they will not commit suicide…”. Yes! ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN will revive you!

Oh, I’m grateful. I AM! For the mercy and kindness of The Almighty which steadily stream towards me, season on season! ? I am GRATEFUL!!! Who am I gan sef? ?.
9 successful albums with no particular system supporting me?? Mo dúpẹ́ f’Ólùgbéniro! Ó wà títí lai! I AM GRATEFUL!! For this, I have JOY. ?

Your spirit and soul would crave being made anew with ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN, I tell you. I received those songs for all of us who desire to be awake and stay woke, my kind who desire to become new everyday!


ÌMÚṢẸ began
I became Child
ÌRÌ fell
I became refreshed
ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN is here
I am being made anew!

#Yóòdáa! ❤️

You can Download Isodotun Full Album Below:

  1. Agbonmagbe – DOWNLOAD
  2. Ijoba A Re De – DOWNLOAD
  3. Ife A D’ale – DOWNLOAD
  4. Ko S’ohun T’o le – DOWNLOAD
  5. Iye – DOWNLOAD
  6. Ilekun – DOWNLOAD
  7. Imole – DOWNLOAD
  8. Imole II (Acoustics) – DOWNLOAD
  9. Isin – DOWNLOAD
Isodotun - Sola Allyson

2 thoughts on “Full Album Download: Isodotun By Sola Allyson”

  1. Oluwaseunafolayan Ogunjana

    Father I thank you for the life of Shola Allyson, pls keep her to the end
    All her songs are from God inspirations

  2. Adegbola Ayodeji Daniel

    I really wants to thank God almighty in the life of shola Allyson. Her songs has been so much inspirational. Especially ÌSINMI. The song really helped me to know there’s no one who can be of comfort to us. Is just him alone.


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