come alive by all nations music

Full Album Download: Come Alive by All Nations Music

All Nations Music and RCA Inspiration release the new album project from All Nations Music, Come Alive, which is available at digital music providers. Come Alive marks the debut project from All Nations Music, delivering a personal worship experience to listeners in the global ministry led by All Nations Worship Assembly’s Founder and Senior Pastor, Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson, III. With music a longstanding important experience tied with the All Nations Worship Assembly’s ministry and its multiple campus locations, Come Alive brings new music to listeners worldwide beyond the church walls, led by the first single “Bless Your Name” (feat. Chandler Moore).

All Nations Music’s album is fueled by the talents of ten singers/songwriters (Chinaa, CoCo, Courtney Driver, D’Amonique Luckie, Darius Brown, Jaleel X. Poole, Jasmine Marthel, Jordan Baker, Kindl, and Shirlandria Enoch). Blending their musical talents with featured guest appearances from Matthew Stevenson, Chandler Moore, Maranda Curtis, Tim Reddick, and more, Come Alive brings alive intentional worship to encounter the powerful presence of God through the album’s lineup of original new music. Sparking the beginnings of more original music to come from All Nations Music, the All Nations Worship Assembly’s influential ministry reaches over 15,000 currently in its ten locations and online ministry.

Here is the full album here for your listening pleasure


  1. That Great Name feat. Tim Reddick – DOWNLOAD
  2. Bless Your Name feat. Chandler Moore – DOWNLOAD
  3. Glory Rise feat. Cristabel Clack and Candy West – DOWNLOAD
  4. Yahweh feat. Matthew Stevenson and Chandler Moore – DOWNLOAD
  5. Nothing Else Matters – DOWNLOAD
  6. Cry Out feat. David Wilford – DOWNLOAD
  7. Carry Us Through feat. Maranda Curtis – DOWNLOAD
come alive by all nations music

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