Easiest way to make money online as a Christian (How to make money online as a Christian)

Business: Easiest Way A Christian Can Make Money Online in 2021 (How To Make Money Online As A Christian)

The biggest wealth lesson to learn from King Solomon is that you should “Build Your Business First Before Building Your House”… One tends to wonder how many Christians follow this principle (Rhetorically speaking). In this article, I want to talk about how to make money online as a Christian in Nigeria or any where in the World.

The Bible says “A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t, and even brags about it!”

In this 21st century, Are you a wise man or a fool? (You don’t have answer it or take it personally, if you do take it personally…It’s your cup of moi-moi…LoL). But really, as Christians we pray too much for several things God has given us the brain to solve the problem.

For example, God created trees but He gave you and I the brain already to create furnitures, but we find several Christians praying for furnitures which ain’t supposed to be …faith without work is dead...Well, that is not the subject matter for today.

My name is Charis. I am an Unapologetic Christian, OAP, Blogger, Digital Marketer, amongst other things I do. Let’s just say I love making money online as a young man. I see so many young Christian brothers or sisters struggle with a lot of things, hence, the reason I want to reveal the several legitimate ways to make money online as a Christian brother or sister.

Let’s get into it….

The 2 easiest ways to make money online are…

Now, let’s get something right

When I say “easiest” as seen in the headline, I do not mean easy.

I am only using the word as a way of comparison to other ways of making money online

So, with that being said;

Last year, one of my old friends came to me because he was looking for a way to make more money

He came to me because he read one the books I sent to him during the lockdown period

So, based on what I know, I told him the 2 easiest ways for a Nigerian to start making money online as quickly as possible are:

(1) Online Freelancing (aka doing online jobs)/ Work From Home (WFH)

(2) Affiliate Marketing

Let me explain why:

If you are a broke person or someone with very little money to spare, then the way to go to start earning some money as quickly as possible is by doing online jobs.

This is also known as online freelancing

What you are doing here is to help businesses and individuals so some online jobs like writing articles, transcribing, graphic design etc and getting paid

With this, a broke person can start making $250, $400 etc a month very fast

$250 now is about N130,000 (depends on your exchange rate)

And all they need is a computer and internet connection.

Highly recommended for students, youth corpers and people who don’t have a lot of startup capital, I would probably talk about that extensively in another article.

The thing about online freelancing though is that your time is directly involved.

This means you only get paid when you do jobs

No Jobs, No Money!

And it has a ceiling on how much you can earn

It is very difficult to find online freelancers making more than $1500 a month…


On the other hand, Affiliate Marketing is BIG and is more of a business than freelancing which is about jobs

Affiliate marketing is just simply selling other people’s products and services for a percentage of the sales.

E.g. A seller (Mr Uduak) wants to sell his excellent online course on “How to Publish a Book” priced at N70,000

He could offer as much as 50% (N35,000) commission per sale to anyone who gets him sales.

So, you PROMOTE his online course to people who are interested in book publishing.

Some of these people buy Mr. Uduak’s online course through your recommendations.

And you get paid N35,000 per sale (The commissions could be as much as 90% depending on various product owners)

I hope that is simple enough. Right?

I know when many persons hear “selling” we all tend to have mixed feelings. But in the reality, EVERYONE IS A MARKETER!

A Doctor/Lawyer sells their time and expertise, A Food Vendor sells quality food at the restaurant and so on. You are either selling your products or services (time).

So back to Affiliate Marketing, each time someone buys a product that you recommend, you get paid a commission (between 5% to 90% commission per sales)

With a well setup affiliate marketing system, you still have to work but you can make money while you sleep and you can make far more money than online freelancing

You don’t really have to look far to see affiliates making $5,000 a month

And there are super affiliate marketers making as much as $2m a year online

You can literally become an affiliate for a HOST of things – digital products, physical products, offline services, personalized solutions, software, etc.

I prefer digital products though (digital products are products that you can’t hold physically eg E-books, Videos etc)

The main skills required to become successful with affiliate marketing are traffic generation (paid traffic or organic traffic) and marketing the products


The beauty of affiliate MARKETING is:

✓You don’t need an office

✓You don’t need to hire staff for it

✓You don’t even need to register a business

✓You don’t have to talk to anybody

✓And you don’t need to do it as a full time thing

I hope you are following me?


The question now becomes:

How do you find product merchants (like Mr Uduak) who are willing to pay a good percentage of their products to affiliates who SELL for them?

✓ How do you PROMOTE the products?

✓ How do you collect your payments?

I am not guaranteeing you will get any specific kind of results with affiliate marketing. The results gotten are through hard work, commitment and consistency.

With that settled, let’s move on:

PART 1: Finding HOT products to sell as an affiliate

In order to get hot products to sell as an affiliate, you need to register with what is known as an affiliate network

An affiliate network is a platform that manages product owners and affiliates so that there is no “mago mago”

So, different product owners can bring their products to the platform and affiliates can have access to them

The affiliate network also handles payments too as well so that there is no story (which could happen if you had to deal with individual product owners)

Now, there are hundreds of affiliate networks online.

I don’t know all of them.

But here are some:

www.expertnaire.com (for Nigerians). You can register here

www.clickbank.com (doesn’t accept Nigerians but this doesn’t stop you. You can register using a foreign address and collect payments using a service known as Payoneer)



When you are registered on any of these platforms, you will be able to market any of their products. Most products on the Nigerian platform are HOT products (products people need)

PART 2: How do you PROMOTE the products?

Left to me, this is the core of affiliate MARKETING

You can easily go and sign up to any of the affiliate platforms I listed above

and even choose a product to promote within the next 30 minutes.

But you know what?

That doesn’t mean $$$

Majority of people who register on affiliate networks never make any money and that is because they do not know this part

They can’t promote anything

The 3 most important words in Affiliate Marketing anywhere in the World are


I have them in all caps because this is the main deal that brings in the dough.

Kindly note that;
“The amount of money you will make will be in direct proportion to how well you can SELL products”

Now, how to PROMOTE/SELL affiliate products isn’t something I can explain thoroughly in an article

But it is kind of like this:

STEP 1: You find people who are interested in the product you are PROMOTING

STEP 2: You create a sales process to advertise to them and convince them to buy what you are promoting.
You will run Facebook or Google ads and follow up Emails to continue to market the product.

STEP 3: This part is simple.

All the affiliate networks listed above all have their different processes for paying affiliates.

E.g. Expertnaire pays affiliates directly to their bank accounts every Friday

Clickbank pays every 2 weeks via (cheque, bank wire, payoneer) Etc

It also requires some startup capital if you want to take it seriously which is what I expect of you

With affiliate marketing, you will need funds for things like:

✓ Domain ($10 a year)
✓ Hosting ($60 a year) – can be paid monthly
✓ Autoresponder (From $19 a month)
✓ Tracker (optional)
✓ Traffic (Depends)

The cost of domain, hosting and autoresponder can be lower or higher though depending on where you are buying from and the quantity.

For traffic, how much you will spend depends on how big you want to go

The reason why affiliate marketing comes ahead of models like information marketing or ecommerce is that with affiliate marketing, you don’t have to do anything about the product sourcing, creation or handling.

That is like 50% of your work done for you.

You only have to focus on marketing the products and getting your commissions

By the way, if you are just starting, you can make use of certain free traffic strategies to get rolling.

You can effectively promote your affiliate links and get start making money via:

✓ WhatsApp
✓ Facebook groups
✓ Twitter
✓ Instagram

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, you can watch this FREE training video that shows you how you can get started and you can also reach me on WhatsApp here

Click on the link below to watch the FREE VIDEO


Easiest way to make money online as a Christian (How to make money online as a Christian)

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